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Grow Your School and We will Deal with Your IT Problems
All growing schools run into the same problems. Students complain about the wifi, teachers are frustrated with their system and administration see their expense continue to grow just to maintain their current IT infrastructure.
Our Clients
Imagine not having to worry about your IT and being able to focus on growing your school?
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We Solve All Your IT Problems
With two in-house development teams, one infrastruture team, and a long outsourcing experience we are ready for all your IT problems on matter how big or small.
People with ideas
We Help You to Plan For The Future
Your school will grow every year and we are here to make sure that your IT infrastructure will not interfere. Consult with us today so you don't have to rebuild your IT tomorrow.
People with ideas
We Train Your Staff & Maintain Your IT
We will not just leave you and wish you good luck. Even the best IT infrastructure need to be maintained. We can train your people or bring our staff to run your IT department.
Hi, I'm Leap Sok
Founder of Sala Services

I feel your pain. You have done everything you can but something is missing. And it might not be your fault. You work hard to grow your school and take steps every day to make your school even better. But despite all the effort and energy, you keep asking yourself:

"Is there a better way? I dream of taking big steps and but I keep being drag down by things that do not matter. What if we didn't have any wifi problems, nobody complained about our systems, and everyone could focus on doing meaningful work?"

I started Sala Services to help people just like you. I dream about a future where you can do meaningful work all day, every day for the betterment of your students. Where you can give your students your full attention and make your school the best place to grow and flourish.

Sala Services is about fixing those small and time-consuming tasks that pop up every day. Your wifi may be unreliable, your computers are too slow, or your staff needs more training so they can do their job effectively.

Let's solve your problems and then we can sit down and talk about the future. Where are you now? where are you going? And what kind of IT infrastructure do you need to be able to handle your growth?

Hope to hear from you soon! Leap Sok, Founder

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